Rising Trend of Self Service


If you’ve been paying attention on existing business practices, you may have noticed the growing popularity of self-service solutions (SSS).

What are self-service solutions?

The birth of self-service solutions has made it possible for businesses to achieve their productivity and efficiency goals. The self-service technology is widely utilized now. In fact, you can find it being used in almost every industry including banking, shopping, and customer service. It comes in various forms including e-support, click-to-callback, self check-outs, and virtual agents, like we have at Contact One in Tucson.


Why is it becoming popular?

There are several reasons why self-service solutions are on the rise today. These include:

  • Consumers’ preference on uninterrupted interaction
    Self-service solutions are empowering customers. It enables them to purchase, request, or trade without direct interaction with a representative of the company they’re dealing with.


  • Unique customer experience
    Businesses who are successful in retaining customers are those who are able to provide them with pleasant and unique experience. Self-service technology enables them to do that. It enables customers in a way that they’re able to learn and utilize available data.


  • Helps build the customers’ trust
    Self-service solutions provide customers with better experience, which in turn, create better reputation for the organization. This creates opportunities for gaining loyal customers.

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