The Impact of Social Media

It seems that you can’t get away from social media these days. Whether it’s a tweet on Twitter, an old friend requesting you on Facebook or another professional requesting a recommendation on Linked In, Social Media plays a huge role on our daily lives.

Before blogging even existed, internet users communicated through e-mail and instant messenger. At one point in time, marketing consisted of strictly relationship building. Although this is still part of social media, more direct structures have been developed.

It all began with the popularity of Myspace. Myspace started this whole social media era. As time advanced, the idea of Myspace started to vanish and evolved into Facebook and Twitter.  According to Facebook, the site has over 400 million users. According to, Twitter has 75 million users. The rate for new users has climbed to 7.8 per month.

How has social media influenced our lives? The answer to this question seems simple. Think about how many friends, family, colleagues, movie stars are checking their Twitter, Facebook etc. on their fancy smart phones. Social media has intensively altered the way we communicate in our professional and personal lives. On a personal level, it’s an easier way to connect with our family and friends. On a professional level, it makes it easy for our customers to find us and allows us to service them better.

Social Media can help make your company more profitable. Where is the first place you look when seeking information about a company? If you’re like the majority of us, you immediately look on the internet. The internet allows companies to expose themselves at a very low cost. Using Facebook and Twitter allows companies to promote their products and services to the millions of users that belong on these sites. Social Media can be complex for some users; therefore several companies choose to outsource the work to a social media guru/qualified people with lots of experience.

With social media we can easily connect with customers, friends and family. Social media is certainly a wonderful development for professional and personal use.

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