A Look at America’s Biggest Customer Service Complaints



Customer service, whether handled in person or through a call center, is a central element of successful businesses. However, there are many common complaints that customers and service representatives run into on a daily basis.

I can’t speak to a human.

The biggest customer service complaint customers have is the inability to speak with a human being. Customers often become frustrated when they must listen to several minutes of a robotic voice listing off a menu of items, especially when that menu does not contain the solution the customers need. Though using this type of menu system can streamline problems in a quick fashion, it should be utilized minimally.

I am disconnected all the time.

Many customers become angry after they have been disconnected from the representative they have been working with, especially if they were already waiting for an extended period of time. Unfortunately, this can happen due to poor cellphone service and spotty connections. To combat this annoyance, representatives can ensure their phone records are updated to call the customer back.

The representatives repeatedly ask me for the same information.

As customers are moved between service departments, they may be asked for the same details about their problem and their personal information. This can become frustrating to customers. Many customers may not understand each department’s requirement to verify certain information or get a firsthand account of the customer’s problem.

The salesperson was rude or too pushy.

Whether in person, by phone, or through instant message chat, some customers may become unhappy with how they are being treated by a service representative. Customers expect to receive a certain level of respect and caring from their representative. This is crucial to keep customers happy and continuing to do business with companies.

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