Don’t Hang Up! Keep Customers On the Line!

Excellent customer service is everything. It can turn first-time customers into loyal ones.

What is customer service?
Customer service refers to the entire process of making your customers feel valued. Superb customer service begins with that genuine desire to delight your customers.

Customer Service in Phone Conversations
Phone interactions can be tricky as customers can’t see you. This is where you have to go above and beyond to make them feel heard and valued. The following tips can help you do that:

  • Speak in a friendly voice
    Speaking in a friendly tone is one thing that can make your customers feel like you genuinely care about their problem and ready to offer them solutions.
  • Smile like you mean it
    Your customers may not see you but they can tell if you are smiling or have a blank expression.
  • Use their names
    Calling your customer “sir” or “ma’am” may be polite but studies have shown that customers respond better when agents use their name. When you talk to customers using their name, it activates certain parts of their brain, making them more comfortable talking to you. However, don’t overdo it as it may end up in an awkward conversation.
  • Be positive
    Sometimes, you’ll encounter irate customers. The best way to deal with them is by staying positive. It’s also important to stay positive when offering alternative solutions. Instead of saying, ‘we can’t do that’ try ‘I’d be more than happy to offer…’
  • Use verbal ‘nods’
    Verbal nods like “mhm..” and “ah yes, I understand..” make the customers feel that they are heard. It’s very important especially in phone conversations when the person on the other line can’t see you.


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