Serving Your Customers: The Basics

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478002419A good product is not enough to attract customers and keep them interested. Customer service is also essential for maintaining a strong and successful business. Give your small business the boost it needs by following these customer service basics:

Be Patient
Patience isn’t just a virtue; it is essential when it comes to quality customer service! Customers often feel confused or frustrated when they contact a company to ask a question or voice a complaint. Being patient is important for helping customers feel comfortable and making sure they can express their thoughts thoroughly. If you are patient when dealing with customer service interactions, customers will see you as professional and courteous.

Be Friendly
Friendliness and patience tend to go hand-in-hand, which is great because both are very important for providing good service to your customers. Training employees to stay friendly during every customer interaction will help your company maintain a kind and professional reputation. Being friendly will encourage customers to keep coming back and can even change customers’ minds if they have had a negative experience.

Be Understanding
Customers want to know that the companies they buy from care about them and not just their money. Being understanding during customer interactions is one of the best ways to ensure customers that you care about their opinions and want them to be happy with your product or service. If customers are frustrated or annoyed when they contact you, try to understand their point of view so you can provide the right solution.

Be Informative
It is important to be able to provide answers to your customers’ questions. Even with the other basics, your customers will not be satisfied unless you can help them get the information they need. Make sure your employees are knowledgeable and can find the information that your customers request.

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