Small Business Success Story:


492263535Owning a small business requires a lot of time, dedication, and foresight. If you want to learn how to grow your small business, it is helpful to look toward other companies that have found success. Keep reading to find out how started out as an idea and managed to explode into a hugely successful company.

A Great Idea was the brainchild of Jason Toews and Dustin Coupal. Toews, a computer programmer, and Coupal, an eye doctor, were as frustrated as the rest of the country about rising gas prices. They decided to develop a website that helped drivers find the cheapest gas in their areas. In June of 2000, they officially launched For the next 10 years, they worked hard to entice drivers to log onto their website and share information about local gas prices.

A Brilliant Idea
Although they found some success with their website, they knew that they could do better. In 2009, they saw how much business mobile apps were generating for tech-savvy companies and decided to join the fold. They launched apps for Android and iPhone and catapulted their business to new success. They now have 6 million loyal users who visit via their mobile apps.

Toews and Coupal both had successful careers before they started Although their website did not gain instant success, they did not give up on their dream. By researching the industry and finding new ways to reach their customers and to entice new ones, they managed to make a name for themselves in the small business world.

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