About Contact One

Contact One offers all the latest communication services you would expect these days, and then some. In-bound, out-bound, you name it.

For example, there’s our Total Business Solutions, for start-to-finish processing of sales orders. By that we mean, from Order-Taking through Fulfillment.

Or how about “You Go, We Follow,” for one single number where you can be reached (if you like), wherever you may roam.

We can custom-design any of our services to your company’s exact specifications. Let us become your Appointment Desk and Reminder Service. Give us your calls, your EMails, your Live Chat, and we’ll keep you in touch with your customers. We’ll do your dispatching and keep you on track. Our Custom Scripting is the fail-safe way to get caller information, precisely.

Contact One has the latest and best technology and agents who reflect well on your company. If truth be told, our agents are the main reason for our many loyal customers and for the fact that Contact One is a frequent winner of awards for excellence.

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