Let ContactOne Boost Your Small Business

Taking customer calls is one of the common struggles of business owners. If this task is also on your list, then maybe it’s time to outsource it to a reputable call center.

How can a call center company help you?

A reputable call center has well-trained agents who can take your customers’ calls promptly and professionally. When it comes to cost, you can actually save more with the services from a call center compared to hiring an in-office receptionist. Plus, we can take calls, provide basic customer service, and more 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (holidays included).

Contact One has been in this industry for decades. Our live answering services have benefit several industries, including:

  • Law Offices
    With our virtual receptionist support, we can help your law firm to manage your online calendar. We can also act as your ‘gatekeepers’ so you can focus more on your clients. With our 24/7 availability, you don’t have to worry about your evening and weekend calls as we can also take care of those.
  • Physicians/Healthcare
    We have HIPAA-compliant medical answering services to keep your patients’ health information secure and confidential. We have well-trained agents who can manage urgent patient calls outside your usual business hours. Plus, we have HIPAA-compliant messaging services for relaying securely patient information in real-time.

    We have full-time virtual receptionists who won’t just take your calls but also answer patients’ questions, book and reschedule appointments, relay emergency calls, and handle overflow calls when your in-house staff are unavailable.  
  • Small Business
    For many small businesses, calls can still get overwhelming even with the most efficient staff. Contact One can definitely help you with that.

    We can manage your calls, take messages, forward voicemails, send you relevant text information, and even redirect important calls to your cell phone.We offer nights, weekend, and holiday coverage, so you can get a good sleep without having to worry about calls on those times.
  • Spa and Salon
    Our 24/7 coverage allows your stylists to focus on their clients 100% without having to worry about missing calls. We can book your clients’ appointments on weekends and other days that your doors are closed. And with our superb live answering and customer service, your clients won’t notice a difference.
  • Home Maintenance and Contractors
    If you’re a contractor and running a business, it can be tough to juggle field work and phone customer service. It’s an area we can help you with.

    We can manage your incoming calls and schedule emergency and routine service appointments for you. While you’re in the field, our receptionists can set appointments for you, notifying you by text or call for the next service location.



Running a business, regardless of its size, can be a challenge. Let us help you get more productive and improve your customer satisfaction. Contact us for a quote.




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