Recruiting Employees for Great Customer Service: What to Look For

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Hiring customer service representatives means looking for personalities that will shine on the phone. If you are looking to recruit new hires for your customer service team, then consider the following four traits:

A Positive Attitude

Some people will always think the glass is half empty. In customer service, you want to lean toward candidates who have a more positive or optimistic attitude. During an interview or sample phone conversation, note the kind of language the person uses. Look for individuals who can easily re-frame problems in a more positive light.

Friendly and Engaging

Great customer service representatives don’t necessarily have to be outgoing. They do have to be generally friendly, nice, and engaging. These traits can help your customer service representative to be more empathetic and really connect with customers on the phone.

Creative and Bright

Creativity and out-of-the-box thinking are vital for success in this position. Customer service superstars have to multitask and think on their feet. They must find creative solutions to help people solve problems. Look for bright candidates who can succeed even with an unusual call or request that strays really far from the usual script.

Patient and Good Listener

When customers call upset or angry, you’ll need someone who is patient and calm and can focus on the problem at hand. The right candidates should be able to actively listen to customers and allow customers to vent if they are angry about a problem.

What does your organization look for when hiring customer service representatives? To get help managing your inbound calls, appointments, order taking, and more, get in touch with the experts at Contact One Call Center. Call us at (800) 278-3347 or visit our website to learn more about our call center and live chat services.


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