Lego Demonstrates Amazing Customer Service


At Contact One Call Center we know that top-notch customer service is vital to growing your business and keeping customers happy.  Below is a great example of a business going above and beyond to make a customer happy and help solve their problem:

Lego’s Letter to A Seven Year Old Boy
Last Christmas, a seven year old boy saved up all of his holiday money to purchase a Ninjago kit, which is based on a popular cartoon. It came complete with a futuristic vehicle and Ninjago characters. The boy lost one of his characters when it fell out of his coat pocket and he composed an email to Lego’s customer service team thanking them for the awesome kit and asking for a replacement.

The customer service department at Lego wrote back with a personalized and imaginative email that referenced the characters in the show. Not only did Lego replace the lost figurine, the company also included a special set of weapons and a villain character.  Lego’s caring and inspiring response was shared with millions of people online as word spread about this special case.

This is just one example of how a business can “wow” its customers by listening well and rewarding loyalty. Here are some of the benefits of this kind of customer service:

Improve Your Reputation

Since this example from Lego went viral online and was seen by many people, it helped improve and strengthen Lego’s brand with the greater public.

Increase Lifetime Customer Value

It is more valuable and more cost-effective to retain loyal customers than to go out and get brand new customers. Excellent customer service can help organizations to retain customers and increase their lifetime customer value.

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