How to Show Appreciation to Employees


How often do you tell your colleagues, employees and co-workers how much you appreciate them? You can tell them any day of the year. There should be no special occasion required to tell an employee they’re doing a good job. Surprise compliments to show appreciation can help make your employees feel appreciated year long. Here at Contact One we strive on showing appreciation to our employees.  Customer service skills also apply in the interoffice environment. Here are some tips about how to commend coworkers and employees.

1. There are not very many people who are unappreciative of food. Celebrate a coworkers birthday, special occasion or just for no reason at all. Take your coworker to lunch and let them pick the restaurant.

Jennifer: “Hey Jason, Let me take you to lunch today to celebrate your promotion?”

Jason: “Thanks Jennifer, “That’s so thoughtful of you!”

Jennifer: “It’s your day, so you pick the restaurant!”

Susie: “Wow, thanks!” “This is a great day!”

2. Utilize the phrase “thank you” to show appreciation. You have no idea how much people appreciate being appreciated.

Amanda: “Thank you so much Jessica for helping with the training course!”

Jessica: “You’re welcome, I was glad to help!”

3. Don’t be demanding, say “please” as often as you can. Being polite makes the workplace much more comfortable.

Jeff:”Dan will you please finish that report by Friday?” It would be greatly appreciated!”

Dan: “Sure, I will have it on your desk Friday morning!”

4. Commend your coworkers for something they’ve done well. Make sure you are detailed on what exactly was done so well.

Judy: “Jennifer, you programmed the Dr. Jones account so well!” “You’ve really become an expert at this!”

Jennifer: “Thank you Judy, I appreciate your awareness!”

5. Ask your coworkers about their personal life. Ask how their family is or what kind of hobbies they enjoy. Show interest, it helps people feel respected and cared about.

Amanda: “Hey Jen, how are your two little ones doing?”

Jen: “They’re doing great, thanks for asking!”

6. Consider offering flex time to your employees. If you are in need of definite coverage. Post a sheet up and let people choose and work it out amongst coworkers to fill in time.

Manager: “We are going to post a sheet up and everyone can pick one day they would like to have off, as long as you work your hours in the four remaining days, this should give everyone a nice break.”

Team member: ‘Wow, this is great, I can take my son to see that movie he has wanted to see!” Thank you so much!”

7. Get to know your coworkers. If you can afford to, give a small appreciated gift occasionally. You will make their day by doing this.

Jeff: “Jessica, I know you just bought a new house, so I got you nice candle!’ It will go great with the color scheme you’ve chosen!”

8. Make the holiday’s fun. Do a Secret Santa gift exchange, gift grab or any event to add joy to their life. They will love this!!!

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