How a Medical Answering Service Can Benefit Your Practice

Many of us used to believe that the doctor-patient relationship is only fostered within business hours. However, through the years we realize that it’s not always the case. Most doctor-patient relationships are built over time, often outside the normal business hours.

How a Medical Answering Service Can Benefit Your Practice

Compared to other industries, healthcare can be quite challenging especially that you don’t really know when emergencies happen. And it is in these situations when your patients need you most.

Patient calls can easily eat up your time. If you don’t have an effective system to handle these, you may miss plenty of opportunities for actual patient care.

If you don’t want to miss your patients’ calls and at the same time, don’t want to compromise your productivity, then a medical answering service may help you.

Here are some benefits of a medical answering service:

  • Every patient call is answered promptly and professionally.

Unless you’re willing to shell out over $30,000+ in employee salary and benefits, the options you have for making this happen are answer the calls yourself or hire the services of a medical answering service.

With a live medical answering service, you will no longer be missing even a single call from your patients. Whether it’s for scheduling appointments, a medical complaint, or a call for a medical emergency, someone will be handling and directing the most important (i.e. emergency cases) calls to you.

  • You can have more time to do your practice.

With a medical answering service, you will find yourself having more time to actually do your practice.

The people who will take your patients’ calls are well-trained to do the job. They will take your patients’ calls even if it’s beyond your clinic hours. They’re available 24/7 even during holidays.

  • It helps you save money.

Unlike hiring a full-time receptionist, a medical answering service doesn’t cost that much. You only have to pay for call time, which means only the time when the agents are on the phone with your callers.


If you’re tired of doing things on your own and if you want to improve patient care, a medical answering service can help you.

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