Bad Customer Service

There is nothing more frustrating than receiving bad customer service from a business. Bad service can range from being kept on hold for long amounts of time, to verbally insulting the customer. Such practices can make a customer feel unimportant, ignored, and angry. The results of an upset customer can be detrimental to a business’s success. This blog will discuss examples of bad service practices, the effects bad service can have on a business, and how to avoid them.

Most people have had some sort of negative experience with a service representative, especially over the phone. One type of bad service is neglect. If a call center answers a client’s call only to put them on hold, it will look bad for that business. This includes constantly transferring a caller. The more people a customer has to deal with, the bigger the chance for miscommunication and increased frustration. A customer will not want to work with a call center that just transfers customers to other people instead of trying to help them. Even if a representative is kind and patient, a customer can still become frustrated when they spend too much time on hold and not enough time moving toward a solution. 

Another type of bad customer service is bad attitude. Bad attitude can come from a variety of things. Sometimes, a customer service rep has personal problems that causes them to become easily irritated. Another cause is from a rep not enjoying their job. Finally, being tired can cause a representative to sound bored or not engaged over the phone. Even though a customer can’t see a call representative’s face, they can tell if they are truly interested in helping them. 

The third, and most notable type of bad customer service, is verbal insult. It takes an especially bad customer service representative to say rude remarks to a customer. Unfortunately, it does happen. This is a very fast way to establish a bad reputation, as customers who experience verbal insults will likely tell people about it.

The effects of bad customer service can seriously hurt a business. First, it can lose customers. A caller who had a bad experience with a representative from that business will most likely find a different place to take their business. Another effect of bad service is bad reviews. Customers are more likely to review a business after having a bad experience than a good one. People who find your business on social media or the internet can see these reviews, and may choose a different place because of it. Lastly, customers who had a bad experience with a customer service representative often tell their friends and family. This word of mouth press can be dangerous because it can’t be controlled. It’s also hard to change people’s opinions once they’re made. 

Luckily, there are many ways to avoid bad customer service. The first is by minimizing wait times. If answering calls is difficult for busy businesses, hiring a call center can help. This will avoid the problem of not being able to reach a business, and avoid long wait times. Another way to avoid bad customer service is by managing anger. Taking deep breaths, and trying to understand why a customer is upset, can help keep an employee calm. It can also help reduce the customer’s anger. Finally, speaking to a customer as if face-to-face with them is a good way to sound enthusiastic over the phone. A customer can read a representative’s tone, so sounding upbeat and interested is important. With an up-beat voice, the caller will feel heard and valued. 

To sum it all up, bad customer service isn’t just detrimental in the short-run, but can also have long-term effects. Long wait times, unenthusiastic service, and rudeness can lose a customer, their business, and create a bad reputation amongst other consumers. Good customer service is essential to a company’s success. Even the most simple of calls deserves quality service. This will help keep existing clients, avoid losing a sale, and hopefully increase positive reviews. At Contact One, we pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service. We know how valuable each caller is to a business, and strive to give clients the attention they deserve. To find out more about what Contact One can do for your business, call: 1-877-959-0158!




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