How Customer Service Has Changed Over the Years

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iStock_000004801857XSmallCustomer service is the foundation of any successful business. Without it, you cannot build a strong customer base that helps you succeed in your industry. Learning how it has changed over the years can help you find the best way to serve your customers. Keep reading to learn more about the evolution of customer service:

Phone Calls to Talk to Representatives

Before 1995, customer service was only handled on the phone. Customers called a company if they had a question or concern and talked to a representative who would attempt to find a solution. Although there are a variety of other methods of contacting a company today, many people still prefer to call and talk to a person when they need something.

Emails and Web Help

Once the Internet became a worldwide phenomenon, people started turning to other venues for their customer service needs. Email became a popular facet starting around 1996 and remained a major aspect of customer service until about 2000 when more people started using websites for their service needs.

Chat Help

Around 2005, companies turned to live chat services to give them another edge in the customer service industry. Live chat services enable customers to reach out for assistance without even leaving a business’ website and they are still used today.

Mobile and Social Media Services

Since 2008, companies have taken advantage of the fact that a majority of their customers have smart phones by creating customer service apps. Social media websites like Facebook and Twitter have made it easier than ever for customers to contact businesses.

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