5 Myths About Call Centers Debunked

Call centers often get a bad rep because of the myths about them. Unfortunately, these myths usually get their way around. Some of the most common ones are the following:

  1. Call centers cost more than their worth
    This is probably the most common misconception about call centers. And this is the reason why there are still small business owners who are hesitant in getting their services. But did you know that consumers tend to buy from companies associated with excellent customer service? Call centers play a significant role in that. So, the next time someone tells you not to get the services of a call center because its cost is more than its worth, ask yourself: do I value my clients that I wanted them to experience satisfying customer service each and every time? If the answer is YES, then getting the services of a call center is right for you.
  2. Language barrier is a problem
    From time to time, you may hear of customers complaining of customer service agents who may seem to speak English but they can barely understand them. You have to know that this is an exception and not the norm in the call center industry. Things like that can happen especially if companies opt for international services. However, if you hire the services of a contact center in Northern America, you will rarely experience this.
  3. Customer service line is obsolete
    The growing use of email, live chat, and social media for customer support may make it seem like phone lines are no longer needed but the truth is, phone lines remain a popular choice among customers. Most customers still prefer to talk to live customer service agents especially for resolving complicated issues. Compared to newer channels of communication (i.e. social media, chat, email), a phone conversation with a call center agent enables a customer to clarify and ask questions.
  4. Agents don’t really care about customers
    This is far from the truth. Call center companies, in general, spend thousands of dollars to train their agents. Aside from that, their recruiters tirelessly search for the right people who have the right skills and values who will take good care of their customers.
  5. Call center job is a mindless work
    It may be mundane but definitely not easy and mindless.

Working in the call center industry requires a lot of thinking. From the way to greet a customer to solving their problems, agents constantly think of different ways to leave a client satisfied.

The job of a call center agent is far from being easy. This is why it requires people with certain traits to fit into the role.

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