Hiring Quality People for Quality Service

Great customer experience doesn’t happen by accident and this definitely doesn’t happen overnight. It is a product of excellent work culture and having the right people.

Hiring managers have the crucial job as they have a direct impact on the bottom line of one’s business.

To achieve excellent customer service experience, hiring managers look for call center agents with the following traits:

  • Professionalism

An agent who exemplifies this trait would leave his/her personal issues at the door. Even if he/she is having a bad day, he/she doesn’t make it an excuse not to do his/her job well. This is very important in a call center especially that agents deal with clients of all dispositions every single day.

  • Courteousness

Being polite and friendly can make a whole lot of difference in a phone call, especially when you’re dealing with an irate customer. This is why it’s important to have agents who are committed to being warm all throughout the duration of the call even if the client is not.

  • Problem solving

Call center agents may be trained and from time to time be directed to stay on-script. However, problems are inevitable, calling for an agent’s independent thinking. This is where a good problem solving skill helps.

This doesn’t mean though of having to resolve the issue alone. In many cases, it’s just knowing when to ask for the manager’s assistance.

  • Reliability

Reliability is one of the reasons why businesses get the services of a call center. Hence, this is one of the things that hiring managers look for in their applicants. They should be able to show up regularly as scheduled and stay calm under pressure.

  • Self-determination

While you can train almost every aspect of being a call center agent, self-determination is unfortunately not one of them. This comes from the personality of the potential agent.

A self-determined person is open for feedback and is hungry to learn. He/she will continually push to better himself/herself.

Hiring the right people is the key to running a successful business. Without a team of quality and effective employees, it’s impossible to build a brand and develop an amazing customer service experience.




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