Defining Characteristics of Exceptional Customer Service



In today’s competitive business world, you need every advantage you can get to stay on top of your field. While you might have a fantastic product that everyone needs, it will be hard to make a name for your company if you don’t have outstanding customer service to back it up. Good customer service is the backbone of a successful business, and can turn a one-time purchase into a loyal customer. Keep reading to learn what the defining characteristics of exceptional customer service are.


Have you ever called a company with a question, only to be passed around to a number of different representatives who can’t quite give you an answer? It is essential that your customer service representatives be knowledgeable and informed about your product and the way you operate. Customers may have questions about the product itself, shipping, payment methods, and other areas, and it’s most efficient to have one person answer all of these queries. Outstanding customer service is seamless, and a customer shouldn’t have to be put on hold multiple times while the representative searches for answers.


As a consumer, there are few more frustrating things than trying to reach a company during normal business hours and getting a voicemail or a recording telling you to call back later. Your customer service department should be reachable more often than not, and should be prompt in returning communiques from any calls that were missed. Email and live chat are also becoming more popular as customers have less time to devote to calling a company.


The job of a customer service representative can be stressful, especially if they are not equipped with the information or ability to make the customer happy. A great customer service representative will listen to the customer to thoroughly understand the question or problem, and then provide clear solutions so that the customer feels heard and respected.

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