Biggest Customer Complaints When It Comes to Automated Answering Systems



To be a success in business, you must have exceptional products as well as exceptional people that make your customers feel valued and respected. Customer service is more important than ever in today’s digital age, as consumers may feel disconnected and as though they are numbers rather than individuals. Automated answering systems are one of the most frustrating aspects of being a consumer today. Keep reading to learn about the biggest complaints customers have when it comes to automated answering systems.

Getting Lost in the System

An all-too-common experience is when a customer calls a company with a question, only to be redirected numerous times throughout the phone tree without ever reaching a live person who can help. If your business is large enough to necessitate a phone tree, it’s essential to have an option for your customer to immediately be put through to a customer service representative. A customer’s query may not always fall neatly in predetermined categories, so they will need a way to return to the main menu or simply speak to a person who can assist them.

Long Hold Times

There are few things more frustrating than having a simple question and having to wait for a long time just to speak to a person who might be able to help. Customers want to be helped as soon as possible, and the quicker they’re helped, the more positive they will feel about your company. Investigate working with a call center that will help you expedite your customer service to reduce time spent on hold.

Lack of Help

After spending 20 minutes on hold and finally reaching a live person, it’s reasonable to assume that your customer will now be taken care of. However, many customers complain that once they reach a representative, they are unable to help and they end up on hold again or back in the phone tree. Your customer service representatives should have the knowledge and ability to help your customers and avoid this frustrating situation.

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