Steps for Successfully Handling a Customer Complaint


78161436The way you handle customer complaints says a lot about your business. It is one thing to offer quality customer service when your clients are happy. It is another to remain friendly when someone is calling in with a complaint. Use the following steps to successfully handle a customer complaint.

Take the Time to Listen

Before you can help a customer, you have to understand their problem and the only way to do that is to listen to what they have to say. When you take the time to really listen to their complaint and try to understand why they are unhappy, it makes it much easier to take the next steps to rectify the situation.

Offer Your Condolences

No matter what the customer has to say, you should always apologize for any inconvenience that they are feeling because of your service. If you show empathy toward their concerns, they see that you really care about their business and will do everything you can to help them get a solution for the problem.

Find a Solution

Once you have established the problem, you should do everything you can to find a solution that works for everyone. Show the customer what you can do to help them and avoid discussing the ways in which you cannot help. If you are progressive in your quest for a solution, it shows the customer that you are putting their needs first.

Check In with the Customer

After you have done what you can to fix the problem, you should check in with your customer to ensure that they are satisfied with your solution. This final step cements your ability to provide quality customer service.

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