Why People Don’t Want to Leave Voicemails

As technology advances, it changes the entire dynamic of our society and culture. Thanks to the surge in texting with mobile phones and the disappearance of landlines, people are much less inclined to leave voicemails. Some people even experience anxiety when they have to leave a voicemail, especially in a professional setting. Here’s a closer look at why people don’t want to leave voicemails.


It’s not always easy to listen to a voicemail while you’ve got something else going on, which is in stark contrast to text messaging. As technology has evolved and text messaging has blown up, voicemails have become less and less popular. Many people prefer texting because it’s easier to multitask when texting than when leaving or listening to a voicemail. Texts will also leave you with a transcribed copy of the point of the message, so you don’t have to rely on your memory after reviewing the information.

Declining Landlines

With the ever-growing boom of mobile phones, we have seen a steady and rapid decline in the use of landlines. When you send out a call from your landline and the other person doesn’t pick up, a voicemail is your only option to get your message across. In today’s society, many people will make calls from their mobile phones and then follow up with a text message instead of leaving a voicemail.


Technology has been growing so rapidly that some people aren’t very experienced in leaving voicemails. This can lead to anxiety, which can convolute the message you’re trying to leave.

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