Appointment Setting in Portland

Elevate lead generation and customer retention with Contact One’s appointment-setting agents tailored for Portland businesses. Our remote answering and reception service ensures seamless scheduling.

24/7/365 availability

With Contact One’s appointment-setting agents in Portland, your customers can secure reservations 24/7! Whether you’re with a client, in the field, or enjoying a round of golf, a live agent is ready to fill your calendar with valuable appointments.

Calendar Integration

Experience the ease of integration! Our technology seamlessly syncs with your calendar or reservation system, ensuring efficient appointment scheduling for Portland and nationwide businesses. Appointments set by us seamlessly appear on your calendar.

Grow your business

Maximize your productivity. Concentrate on managing and expanding your Portland business while our skilled agents handle your appointment scheduling. Let us efficiently set the stage for your next successful business encounter.

Custom Pricing

Answering services are not one-size-fits-all. Whatever your industry or the size of your business, Contact One can develop a cost-effective solution for your customer service needs.

Booking and rescheduling appointments when stylists are unavailable to answer
  • Calls per month: 180+
  • Monthly coverage: 135 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $585
Overflow and after-hours appointment setting to supplement in-house staff capacity
  • Calls per month: 150
  • Monthly coverage: 120 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $349
Schedule management, relaying sales calls, message taking and call forwarding during overflow periods and while all staff are in the field
  • Calls per month: 200-250
  • Monthly coverage: 170 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $580
Full-time receptionist services: schedule management, appointment booking, call forwarding and message taking
  • Calls per month: 500+
  • Monthly coverage: 410 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: $2400
Call and schedule management, including appointment setting, when in-house team is unavailable
  • Monthly Coverage: 200 hours
  • Calls per month: 300
  • Average monthly invoice: $875
After-hours and overflow service call management for prompt, 24/7/365 response to emergency service requests
  • Calls per month: 330 during peak summer months
  • Monthly coverage: 220 hours
  • Average monthly invoice: \$625

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