About Us


In business since 1956, Contact One Call Center has supported clients’ needs for over 50 years. Currently Contact One Call Center supports clients locally, nationally, and internationally on a 24/7 basis. Contact One Call Center’s clients represent a wide variety of industry from plumbing to medical, real estate to IT, start-up to long established e-tailers.


Regardless of the industry or the need, Contact One Call Center knows that the most important service we can provide is excellent service. Contact One Call Center continuously monitors our call agents to ensure that our clients’ accounts are being handled correctly and professionally. Contact One Call Center is a member of the Association of TeleServices International and winner of the prestigious ATSI Award of Excellence.


Located in Denver, Colorado our talented agents do not have the accents commonly found in other parts of the United States or the world and many of our talented agents possess Spanish speaking capabilities allowing Contact One Call Center agents to serve the Spanish speaking population. We believe this allows us to provide our clients with better service through our ability to communicate more effectively with our client’s customers.


Things have changed tremendously since 1956 and the days of the switchboard.  Nevertheless, Contact One Call Center has stayed on the leading edge of technology to ensure that we deliver the most effective and capable service possible to our clients and our clients ever changing demands. Our Microsoft SQL Database Management System ensures speed and reliability while our Oracle-based digital telephony switch with redundant T1 PRI lines handles call routing. This affords ultimate flexibility and call clarity for our clients, and our backup power supply provides emergency power to our call center allowing our agents to continue supporting our clients accounts when everyone else is in the dark. Web-based application accounts are supported by a failsafe Internet connection utilizing T1 data lines backed up by high speed DSL lines.

Our Customer Service Agent Team

Comprised of agents who are selected, trained and rewarded on the basis of quality customer service, highly effective caller interactions and retention of increasingly satisfied clients, these individuals are the primary reason we have achieved the ATSI award for excellent service.

We've Been In Business Since 1956 And We Have Pictures To Prove It

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