Order Taking

We understand that your calls need to be handled with skill, professionalism and efficiency.  Your customer’s call is not an interruption in our busy office; they are the reason we come to work.

Our sophisticated systems can help you keep detailed information on when orders come in (so you can evaluate your advertising results with remarkable precision). We can help you track inventory so customers can have confidence in delivery of their orders.  The level of possible detail is limited only by your needs. We have the capacity to integrate customer data we gather on your behalf with a vast array of systems with which you might already be working.  Let us design a system that will integrate smoothly and reliably with yours; you’ll love the results and be amazed at the flexibility we can bring to your operation.

If you need, we can even handle the warehousing of merchandise and the fulfillment of orders. We can become a full-service, back-office operation so you can devote your energies to generating more business.  See the fulfillment services page for more info;  Fulfillment

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