Mystery Shopper

What is Mystery Shopping?

In the most basic of definition it’s the use of a 3rd party posing as a potential customer that evaluate the services they receive.  Businesses use mystery shopping providers like Contact One to give owners and managers the insight they need to make smart business decisions. 


Why Use Mystery Shopping for your business?


Mystery shopping is a cost effective medium for finding out how your business ticks.  We can shop your salespeople, customer service agents, tech support, or any other service department(s) in your organization to make sure that your employees are working effectively, efficiently and how you want them to.  Mystery shopping gives you the anonymity you need to make smart business decisions.  If you are missing your bottom line, your sales numbers are down for the month and want to check to make sure your sales process is being executed as you intended we can help.  If you are using a 3rd party service provider to manage a sector of your business and they are not meeting your expectations we can help.


Mystery shopping is quickly becoming a "Must Have" for todays business owner.  If you are not looking at your business, it's employees and the goods and services you offer constantly.  You competition probably is.  Mystery shopping provides an inexpensive, quick and painless way to check up on how your business is being run.


Call us today to find out how our Mystery Shoppers can work for you.  1-888-BE-PICKY (237-4259).


JOB SEARCHERS: Contact One does not hire Mystery Shoppers.  Mystery shopping is not a job it's a service that Contact One provides to businesses.