Level 1 Tech Support

Level 1 Tech Support requirements vary depending on the industry but for the most part Level 1 Tech Support is traditionally used in these three industries 1.) Computers 2.) Small Electronics 3.) Internet businesses (e-commerce and services).  Level 1 support is defined as the first point of contact for a service request.  Contact One can pre-qualify and troubleshoot your customers problems/issues.  This will help your organization drastically reduce payroll expenses for in-house Level 2 and 3 customer service representatives.   


Level 1 Tech Support Possible Scenario’s


·         “How-To” and Navigational Questions – Where can I find warranty information on your site?  Where can I find the most current drivers for my new printer?


·         Simple Product Problems – How do I replace the battery in my cell phone?


·         Troubleshooting Technical Problems – How do I configure my webmail to work with Outlook?  My Palm Pilot won’t sync with my email client any suggestions?  Is this thing on?


·         Account Management - I lost my password can you help? How do I change my email subscription preferences?  My card on record expired what should I do?


·         Escalation To Level 2 – Sorry I could not resolve the issue.  Let me get you over to our Level 2 technical support to see if they can help you with your flux capacitor issue?