Customer Satisfaction

In today’s fast paced and competitive marketplace, customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance in a company’s ability to retain customers, develop long term relationships, create solid branding and promote repeat business.

Contact One Call Center’s suite of outbound calling services includes customer satisfaction surveys.  By utilizing Contact One Call Center your company will have a call center dedicated to following up with your customers and surveying their satisfaction with your company’s performance or products.  By allowing your company immediate feedback as to the products or services you offer, and your customers’ satisfaction with those products and services, your company will be able to react positively to any potential negative trends or sleep well knowing that your company is performing flawlessly.

Contact One Call Center simply creates a survey that is catered to your company to gauge your customers’ satisfaction.  Contact One Call Center then imports your customer database and associates a survey to each customer.  Once the survey is completed Contact One Call Center exports the results to your company in a variety of possible formats.

Contact One Call Center can call your customers daily, weekly, monthly or as often as your company desires.

With Contact One Call Center’s customer satisfaction service your company will be confident that you are doing everything possible to keep your customers happy.